Union Bank Of India (UBI) Credit Card Eligibility Criteria & Required Documents

It is not unknown a fact that having a Credit Card adds on to the level of sophistication in your image and personality. A Credit Card, as the name suggests is a hand in hand Credit giving platform but it also comes with exciting offers that one enjoys along with owning a Credit Card. To have such experience of World Class and Elite Credit Card holder the Union Bank of India offers you a lifetime of it. Being one of India’s leading Banks the Union Bank of India is undoubtedly the most sought after bank, as well.

The Credit card range offered by the Union Bank of India is most diverse and filled with luxury, adventure, rewards and unimaginative benefits.

  • Benefits of using a Union Bank of India Credit Card

The Union Bank of India, as mentioned above offers the most superlative Credit Card experience. To know more about the benefits of the same, read below:

  • A Union Bank of India credit card holder is not liable to pay an annual fee, except, for the Signature Card Holder where the fee is as minimal as Rs. 250.
  • The lifestyle privileges offered by the Union Bank of India are highly exceptional and exclusive.
  • On every purchase of Rs. 100, a reward point is offered to the user.
  • The Union Bank of India also offers a penalty for the accidental death of the cardholder.
  • The card holders can breakdown huge payments into little Emi of 3, 6, 9 or 28-month fragments.
  • The Credit period of 50 days is absolutely interest-free.

The List of Credit Cards offered by The Union Bank of India

1. Union Bank VISA International/Signature Credit Card

The Signature Credit Card has three further variants, namely: Gold, Classic and Silver. This is for the Elite users who love to travel and enjoy the luxurious pursuits of life.

2. Union Bank of India Use cure Credit Card

This Credit Card can be issued against a Fixed Deposit made in the Union Bank of India, its amount ranging between- Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 5, 00,000. This is best suited for the individuals who do not have an income proof, but the Fixed Deposit can act as their asset. This Credit Card offers its users an ultimate entertainment experience with discounts on movie tickets and much more.

The Eligibility Criteria

  • The Union Bank of India has set definitive eligibility criteria in order to select the cardholders who actually fit their exclusive Credit Card program.
  • The applicant, salaried, self-employed or pensioner should be consistent and promising.
  • The applicant who earns a minimum of Rs. 5 Lakhs per annum can be the Signature Credit Cardholder.
  • The applicant should be strictly aged 21 years or above, the maximum being 65.
  • The applicant should be legally earning his/her monthly incomes and should not be liable for any sort of criminal investigation.

The Required Documentation

  • It is best suggested that the applicant collect the required documents in order to apply for the Credit Card, hassle-free. The documents brought along are:
  • PAN Card
  • Aadhaar Card
  • The Payslip or ITR receipt
  • Voter’s ID
  • A recently clicked colored passport sized photograph

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