Vijaya Bank Saving Account Minimum Balance Limit & Charges

If you want to save your money for a longer time with getting some profits, then you will need to open your savings account in the Vijaya Bank. For opening the account you will need some necessary documents which you can look out on the official website of the bank.

Who can open a savings account in Vijaya Bank?

One can open the savings account in the Vijaya Bank for getting better interest rates. An individual can open his/her own account in his/her own name. More than one individual can open their joint account who will be payable to all of them jointly. For opening the account of a minor, the guardian should have the account opened on the behalf of the minor.

After providing the Date of Birth certificate, a minor of age 12 can open his account with maximum balance limit which is Rs.10,000. The secretaries, managers or officers of authorized organizations can also open their savings account in this bank easily. For more details, you can go to the

What is the minimum balance limit?

The minimum balance limit is the amount of money below which the account holder can’t have an account. For opening the Savings account, it is necessary that the urban areas’ people should have a minimum limit of Rs. 2000 in their account. The rural people have the choice to keep Rs.1000 in their savings account. The people who come under the special category like pensioners, students have the right to have the minimum balance of Rs.500 only. Due to the unavailability of the minimum balance, the customers will have to pay a certain amount of charges decided by the bank.

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