West Bengal State Co-operative Bank Cheque Book Request – How to apply Online /Offline

The West Bengal State Co-operative Bank (WBSTCB) is a Schedule A bank located in West Bengal. This bank has been in existence since 1918 and is involved in providing various banking and financial services. It has many branches that are located in different parts or regions of the State.  The regions may be broadly classified as Cochbehar, South 24 Pargana, Central Region and North 24 Pargana.

The Head office is at Kolkata. The Bank also offers locker facilities to its customers. They also have ATM’s that are spread across the various regions.

Cheque book application for withdrawal from Savings Deposit at WBSTCB

Any person is eligible to open an account at The West Bengal State Co-Operative society by depositing a minimum amount of Rs.400. You will not be provided a cheque book. But, if you open your account with Rs 750/- you will be entitled to have a cheque book.  The process of requesting for the cheque book once you have exhausted the cheque leaves are as follows


The process of getting a new cheque book offline is quite simple. You will have to visit the branch of the Bank where you have your savings account. You will have to fill the requisition for cheque book that you will find just before the last cheque leaf in your book. Fill up your account number as well as the number of cheque’s leaves you to want in the book. Sign up the request form and give it to the bank officer. You can receive the cheque book from the bank on the day specified by the officer.

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Alternately, if you are a bank is computerized you may fill up the application for the cheque book online and it will be processed and sent to your address by post. You may also apply online and receive it from your branch.

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