Education loan has become very common these days thanks to the easy availability of the study loan scheme. This has ensured that the students who want to pursue higher education can do that with the financial assistance. There was a time when the poor financial background in India crushed many dreams, but the situation has changed now. For all the higher educational courses, the education loan is available where you need to pay back after you get a job. However, in order to avail that and to determine the criteria for the loan, you have to apply to the bank. The application for the education loan is generally done by writing a letter to the Bank Manager.

Here is how you can write a letter to the Bank Manager for the Education Loan.


The letter starts with the salutation and the bank manager is addressed for the same. The salutation must contain the name of the bank, branch and of course the address.

The name and the address of the applicant must also be mentioned in the same section.


The date should be the date of writing letter which should be later considered as the date of the application.


The subject should describe the purpose of the letter. In case of the education loan, it must describe the reason for the letter to the bank Manager.


This should contain all the information regarding the Education Loan. Your identity must be established first, then which is the course you are aiming for, must be disclosed. The education loan is given to someone who is worthy of it and thus you must ensure to prove why you should be given this opportunity. All your academic records must be put forwarded in front of the manager. The details of the higher education should also be discussed with the manager. All your details must satisfy the manager that you are interested in higher education and you would be able to complete your studies and fetch a good job.

Thank the Manager before closing it.


Mention your name while closing the letter.


The academic records, the higher education admission proofs, and other relevant documents must be attached with the application letter. These must be mentioned in the application letter as well.

Here is a draft of the application for an education loan


The Bank Manager

XYZ Bank

ABC Branch

123 Road, MNP Area

XYZ City



234 Road, ABC Area

XYZ city

Date: 16/02/2018

Subject: Application for the Education Loan

Respected Sir/Madam,

I am ABC, Son of XYZ, and resident of 234 area, XYZ City. I am writing this letter to apply for the education loan to pursue higher education in the field of Engineering/Medical/Management. I have scored **% of marks in the Higher Secondary Board Exam from CBSE (or other Board) with Science Background. I appeared for the All India Engineering Entrance Examination (AIEEE) after the board exam and ranked 25000. In the counselling of the AIEEE, I have been selected for the ABC College for *** Stream in Engineering. The total fee for the college is INR *****.

Due to the poor family background, I shall not be able to bear the cost of the education. My father is a Farmer (another profession) and would not be able to take care of the education of that much amount. I request you to grant me the Education loan under Study Loan Scheme so that I can pursue further education and repay the amount to the bank once selected for a job.

All the academic records, school certificates, AIEEE marks card, Counselling letter, College letter and other relevant documents have been attached to the application.

Thanking You

Yours Sincerely,


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