What If ATM Didn’t Dispense Cash But Money Debited From the Account?

Have you ever been in such a situation while withdrawal from ATM you did not receive the money but amount deducted from the account? No? But, I have been into such an issue. While these issues are not common or frequently happening there are chances that it can happen to you too. Most of people do not know what to know if in such situations. Let me tell you what to do.

What To Do If an ATM Didn’t Dispense Cash But Money Debited From the Account?

If an ATM Didn’t Dispense Cash But Money Debited From the Account, Follow the steps to be taken in the primary stage but still your matter is not solved you need to write a letter complaining about ATM Didn’t Dispense Cash But Money Debited From the Account.  Below is the procedure for how to write Letter for the Complaint – ATM Didn’t Dispense Cash.

First of all, avoid trying to use the same ATM machine if the cash is not dispensed on the first try: –

If you have used your ATM and if the ATM machine did not dispense the cash but, you receive a message on your phone that the amount is debited from your account. Do not use the same ATM machine to withdraw cash again. Stay calm, wait for a few minutes. Use any another ATM machine to check your account balance and then acquire the mini statement from the ATM. In my case atm transaction timeout and money debited.

In Case of Failed ATM Transactions: –

Once you have checked the account balance and if, you are sure that you have actually lost the money. You should note down the details of the ATM machine. The details should include ATM number, bank name, and bank branch, ATM location. Most of the ATM counters will have these details declared somewhere near the ATM machine itself. It is important that the victim/customer should note the date and time of the transaction and also obtain a mini statement from any other ATMs and should visit their related branch and ask the bank staff for bank chargeback form for atm fail transaction.

Most of the bank’s credit the amount back to the account within a few minutes; this is applicable in case of ATM fault: –

like I mentioned earlier I have been in this situation a few times, but in most cases, the amount gets credited back to the account within a few minutes of the failed transaction. This is why I have mentioned above to wait for a few minutes if you face such an issue. Remember, just a few minutes and not more than 15 minutes. However, if the amount does not credit back to the account, here are the things you should definitely know and follow, there are certain guidelines issued by the Reserve Bank of India to be followed in case of such failed transaction or loss of money.

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=> The victim (ATM card owner) should file a complaint with the branch of the bank that issued the card. This is the process to follow even if, it’s another bank ATM/ non-bank ATM’s.

=> White Label ATM’s (WLA), these are the ATM’s that are owned by non-banks. In case you have a failed transaction or lost money in such ATM’s, these ATM’s would have the contact numbers/toll-free numbers declared near to the ATM machine that can be used to lodge a complaint regarding the failed transaction at their ATM’s

=> As per the instructions from the RBI, the banks have to resolve the complaint and re-credit the amount to the victims account within 7 working days.

=> In case if the banks fail to re-credit the amount within 7 working days, the banks have to pay a compensation of Rs 100 per day from the date of receipt of the complaint.

=> According to the instruction given to the banks from the RBI, the bank is supposed to make the compensation amount credited to the account without any claims being made by the customer/victim.

=> If the customer/victim fails to lodge a complaint within 30-days of the failed transaction, he/she is not eligible to receive any compensation for the delay in resolving the issue/complaint.

=> The customer can contact the banking ombudsman and file a complaint if the bank fails to compensate or resolve the complaint within the above mentioned period.

=> Every ATM has CCTV camera surveillance in the room, so, it is easy for the bank to know if the transaction was actually made or not.

=> The above-mentioned guidelines were issued by the RBI and every bank and non-banks have to follow these guidelines in case of a failed transaction or loss of money.

Now, you know the facts and steps to follow if you face such an issue.

Letter Application Format for the Complaint – ATM Didn’t Dispense Cash


Name: (victim/account holder)
Contact Mobile No:


The Branch Manager,
Bank name and branch


Sub: Failed ATM Transaction with (victims account number)

With reference to my bank account number with your branch as mentioned above, I regret to inform you that I was not delivered cash from the ATM while I attempted to withdraw cash from the machine, however; the amount has been debited from my account. I request you to re-credit the amount to my account. The complete detail of my transaction is mentioned.

Name (account holder)
Account Number
Card number (debit/credit)
Name of the bank and branch
Date and time of a transaction
Exact transaction amount (amount lost)
ATM machine number and location (as noted down from the ATM machine)
ATM machine owner bank/non-bank

I have attached my account mini statement for your reference and proof. I hope the complaint would be resolved at the earliest.

Yours faithfully


Please remember to; always keep a copy of every document and complaint letter submitted to the bank authorities. However, if the bank denies you complaint and refuses to re-credit your lost amount, you need these documents as proof to file a complaint with the banking Ombudsman, remember the banking Ombudsman will accept the complaint only after 1-month from the date you filed the complaint with the bank. In most of the cases, the Ombudsman would take action and the amount would be credited to your account. Now, if the Ombudsman denies your complaint or refuses to re-credit the amount, you can approach a consumer forum with all the details of every step you have followed till the date. Always keep in mind to approach the Consumer Forum only if the Ombudsman denies your complaint.

All the above-mentioned facts and steps are applicable to any loss of money in an ATM transaction attempt and other issues related to ATM cards. In the past few years, the number of frauds related to ATMs has increased. There have been situations where the ATM card user has lost a lot of money just because they were careless.

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