10 Safety Tips Before Using ATM Card For 1st Time

Debit Cards and Credit Cards have really made life easy for us. We do not have to worry about having cash in our wallet. People can shop without having to worry about the cash and they can simply go ahead and use their cards to make the payment. Now, there is no need to worry about visiting the bank to withdraw cash as well. You can easily withdraw cash with a swipe of a card and this is another factor that makes banking convenient. However, these Debit ATM cards come with their own challenges as the fraudsters have also started using these Cards for conning people of their hard earned money.

The fact is that the people are conned because they are not responsible for their card or with their personal information. All this can be really prevented if you are a little conscious and careful about your card usage. In this article, we are going to talk about 10 safety tips that you should know before using an ATM Card for the 1st time. So, let us now dive deep into the topic and check out these details.

10 Consumer Tips For ATM Safety And Security

  • Phishing Attack – Fraudsters may use phishing device at the ATM Machines. These are small card readers which can be attached in ATM Machine to steal your card information. In such a case, you need to check the ATM Machine properly and if you notice that there is any kind of tampering with the machine then you should not use that particular machine.
  • Writing PIN – A lot of people write the PIN of the debit card of their card itself and this is one blunder that no one should do. Writing the PIN on Debit Card makes you really prone to loses because if you lose your card then the person who stole or found your card already has your PIN. Something that you must not do at all.
  • Disclosing Details Over Phone – If you receive a phone call from the bank seeking your Debit Card Details then you must disconnect the phone immediately and report this to the bank. Bank will never call you to ask you for Debit Card Number, CVV Number, Expiry Date or OTP.
  • Seeking Help – If in case you need help in operating an ATM Machine, take a friend with yourself. Do not seek help from strangers and even if someone offers you to help, deny it politely. You never know the intentions of the person.
  • Do not make a Cocktail – Never mix a transaction with alcohol as this makes you prone to loses. The reaction time and the thinking slows down and in such a case, fraudsters can easily take advantage of your situation. Again, do not visit ATM if you are drunk and wait until you are sober again.
  • Don’t Go Alone – If you need cash late at night then always take a friend with you and we would also suggest you to not to visit the ATM Machines with are at secluded place. Visit the ATM machines that are on main roads and ensure that there is a security card outside the ATM.
  • Changing PIN – Another thing that you can do is that you can change your PIN frequently. Also, remember not to write your PIN anywhere and change the PIN as soon as you receive your card. Once again, never share the PIN with anyone over text or even over the call.
  • SMS Alerts – You can also enable the SMS Alerts for your account. In such a case, you will receive the details of every transaction and you can stay alert in case of fraud. This is another way to help yourself in staying alert about activities on your account.
  • Customer Care Number – Next point to take care of is to keep the customer care number of the bank with yourself. You can save it in your phone and in addition to this, you can also go ahead and write it down somewhere. Hotlist your card as soon as you notice that you have lost your card and report any fraudulent transaction on your card to the bank immediately.
  • OTP – Lastly, you must ensure that you never share OTP with anyone. You get an OTP as soon as you make an online transaction. This OTP works as an authentication password and you need to verify the OTP to make the transaction. Do not share the OTP with anyone.

These are 10 safety tips for you that you must know before you start using ATM Cards. This will help you in ensuring that you stay safe and you are not a target of any financial fraud. For any other information about your card, reach out to the bank and they will help you with the required information.

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