How To Block/Unblock Allahabad Bank ATM Debit Card

Allahabad Bank is a government owned bank which was established in the year 1865. The bank was nationalized in the year 1969 by the Government of India. The bank has a network of 3248 branches and 1248 ATMs all over the country. Allahabad Bank offers simple methods to block ATM Debit card for its customers.

When is the card required to be blocked?

The customer needs to block his/her ATM Debit card in the following situations.

  • Loss of card
  • Stolen card
  • Any other reason which compromises the security of the account.

The customers can use any of the following methods to block the operations of the their Allahabad ATM Debit cards.


This is very easy and quick method to block your debit card through a mobile phone. You need to follow the below mentioned steps.

  • Type BLOCKCARD <space> Last 6 digit of the card number
  • Send the SMS to 9223150150
  • You can also type BLOCKACCT <space> Last 6 digits of account number and send SMS to the same number as mentioned above.

The SMS can only be sent from the registered mobile number. Using any other mobile number would result in failure of the blocking process.

Internet banking

In order to avail this service, the customer must have an internet banking account. The steps to be followed have been mentioned here.

  • Visit the internet banking portal of Allahabad Bank
  • Log in using your user id and password.
  • Look for the ATM Services option on the menu.
  • Select the ATM Card Block option by clicking on it.
  • Select the card number or your account number.
  • Your card is successfully blocked.

This is also a swift and hassle free method of blocking your ATM card. Customers without internet banking accounts should get themselves registered for internet banking to use this and many other facilities offered in internet banking.


A request to instantly block the ATM card can be sent customer care department of Allahabad Bank through email. The email address is

Visiting the branch

Customers who are not able to block their ATM cards by the above mentioned methods can visit their home branch of Allahabad Bank to request the bank in person and inform the bank officials of the problem being faced in blocking the card.

Customer care helpline

The customers can also contact the Allahabad Bank Customer Care by dialing their helpline number.  The number is 1800-220-363. This is a toll free number which is active 24*7. The customer needs to request the customer care executive to block the ATM debit card instantly.

In case, you have accidentally blocked your Allahabad ATM card by entering wrong pin or some other reason then you need to visit the home branch to know about the process to unblock it. You can also contact the helpline number given above. The customer care department can also be requested to unblock the card through a mail that must be sent to

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