How To Block/Unblock Bandhan Bank ATM Debit Card

Recent reports have shown that more and more Indians are switching to use debit and credit cards. Their popularity is propelled by the convenience of using them, the rewards and cash backs which they get and their widespread acceptance worldwide.

With the easy availability of digital wallets, digital transactions platforms and debit cards, India seems to be moving towards a cashless economy. However, the simultaneous spike in cyber crimes like identity theft, phishing and vishing one wonders if becoming a cashless economy is really in the country’s interest.

What are banks doing

At a time when people are falling prey to the fraudulent intentions of cybercriminals, banks like the Bandhan Bank are ensuring that their clients do not lose faith in their services. The bank has in place a strong framework which allows a customer to get a debit card blocked if its lost, damaged or misplaced and misused an unauthorized person.

About the bank

Bandhan Bank was established in 2014 and was inaugurated by Arun Jaitley. The bank has moved from strength to strength to establish a formidable reputation for itself.

In a span of just three years, the bank has managed to establish a network of 501 bank branches and 50 ATM‘s across the country.

The bank stresses on looking after the financial needs of that section of the society which remains largely untouched by the formal banking network.

How to block a debit card

If you can’t find your debit card or notice that someone has been making unauthorised transactions with it, then it’s best to get the card hot-listed. The Bandhan Bank allows its clients to block a debit card in two ways which are as follows:

1. Phone banking

  • To block the debit card, one should call the bank’s customer care by dialing 1800 258 8181 or its banking support 033 6633 3333.
  • The caller would be greeted by a phone banking executive who would first verify the identity of the caller by asking about a few details like date of birth, address or account number.
  • Next the executive would tell the caller about the entire process of blocking the card.
  • After getting the caller’s confirmation to hot-list the card, the phone banker blocks it.
  • Next, the caller is told about the process of requesting a new debit card.

Visiting the branch

Another way that people can get their debit card blocked is by visiting their home branch and seeking the staff’s help. Once that is done, for requesting a new debit card or re-issuance of the password, one needs to follow these steps:

  • First, download the application form from Bandhan Bank’s official website One can also get the form by visiting the bank itself.
  • Next, the form should be duly filled and should bear sign of the account holder (s) and the submitted at the bank.
  • The client would get a new ATM PIN and debit card delivered at their homes after their request a new card is processed and verified by Bandhan Bank.

4 thoughts on “How To Block/Unblock Bandhan Bank ATM Debit Card

  1. I have not raised any request to block my debit card then how it can get blocked? ? Please suggest how to unblock my card

  2. I did not request for a card block but my card still got blocked? Now its not working in any online transaction 🙁 when i went to branch they said the card is fine but i tried several time it is not working online at all..
    such a poor service by bandhan bank..

  3. My mom haven’t claim any request to block her debit card but how it can get blocked? I have no idea so Please suggest me how to unblock it or please unblock it here is the card number 5087530633373908 please help me out please

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