How To Block/Unblock Federal Bank ATM Debit Card

As per a study released by the Indian Computer Emergency Response System in 2017, one cyber crime took place in the country every 10 minutes in the first six months of the year.

The figure was an increase over the ones recorded a year earlier when one cyber crime took place every 12 minutes in India in the first half of 2016.

As India pushes towards becoming a cashless economy with the rapid rise of digital payment systems, e-wallets and availability of debit cards in easy terms, the rise such crimes pose a huge challenged.

It’s not uncommon to hear someone getting duped online or become a victim of phishing or identity theft. At the same time, banks like Federal Bank are rising up to the challenge by offering their clients a host of ways to secure a lost, misplaced or misused debit card.

About the bank

The Federal Bank Limited is one of the oldest private banks in the country which specializes in reining in technology to offer unique solutions to micro, macro and middle market units.

If you are sure that you have lost, misplaced or damaged your debit card or have noticed that someone is making unauthorized transactions with it, then one should go ahead with blocking it. Federal Bank allows its clients to block a debit card in the following four ways.

Via phone banking

  • To avail, this option one has to first call the bank’s customer care at 1800 – 425 – 1199  or 1800 – 420 – 1199.
  • The caller would be greeted by a phone banker who would first verify the identity of the caller by asking for details like address, date of birth or account number.
  • Next, the executive confirms if the clients want to block the card and then processes the request.
  • After the card is hot-listed, the caller is told about the process to request a new debit card.
  • For more information about the process, one can visit the bank’s official website

Visit a Federal Bank branch

Another option that clients wanting to block a debit card have is to visit the nearest Federal Bank branch. In case of any query, they could always consult the bank’s staff.

Via mobile banking

The option to hot-list a debit card via mobile banking is available only to those clients who have are registered users of Federal Bank’s mobile banking services.

  • For starters, one should log in the bank’s mobile application FedMobile. Next, click on ‘Menu’ and select ‘Self-service’, next click on the option of ‘Block debit card’.
  • The app would show the user a list of all debit cards linked to the mobile number and the account number.
  • After selecting the debit card, one can go ahead to block it.


  • In this option, a client has to drop a message at 5676762   919d 895088888 in the following format:
  • BLOCK<space>Last 4 numbers of the debit card
  • After sending the message, the client gets an alert message from the bank authorities which indicates that the debit card linked with the number was blocked.

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  1. Bymistakely I entered wrong ATM PIN 3 times and now it’s blocked.what is the next step or how u can unblock having fednet and fedmobile

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