Recent studies have shown that the usage of debit cards has been at an all time high in the country. The rising use of debit cards, digital wallets and various digital platforms has led to a surge in cyber crimes leading people to block their debit cards.

Once hot-listed, no one can make any kind of transaction using the debit card.

What banks are doing

In a bid to ensure a safe banking environment for their clients. Banks like UCO Bank provide a host of backup services which ensures that there’s no misuse of a lost, misplaced or damaged debit card, thereby saving people from financial losses.

How to block an ATM card

In case you can’t find your debit card or have noticed any unauthorized transaction on your card, one should consider hotlisting the card. There are three ways to block an UCO Bank debit card, which are explained as follows:

1. Via SMS: A person can block a debit card by texting the bank at

The SMS format is HOT<Space><Last 4 digits of the debit card>. Alternatively, once can also use the format HOT<Space><14 digit account number>.

If this service is unavailable, then a client can call up the bank’s 24 x7 customer care by dialing 1800 1030 123 or drop a mail at

2. Via phone banking: Clients can also hotlist their debit card by calling up UCO Bank’s customer care by dialing the helpline number 1800 2740 123.

A phone banker would greet the caller and would verify the former’s identity by asking for details like name, date of birth, address or account number.

After taking one through the process of blocking the debit card, the executive processes the caller’s request.

The caller would then be told about the process to request a new debit card linked with the primary account.

3. By visiting the bank: One can also get a debit card hot-listed by visiting the nearest UCO Bank branch.

4. Via mobile banking: For customer who have registered for the bank’s mobile banking services, one can also request a new debit card  by downloading the bank’s app.

Next log in and click on the option to block a debit card.

5. Via mail: The last option available to UCO Bank clients wanting to block a debit card is to drop a mail at

How to unblock or reset password

Clients should keep in mind that they should be assured that their debit card has been blocked only when they get an SMS alert from the bank.

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