How To Block/Unblock RBL Bank ATM Debit Card

Recent studies have shown that cyber crimes have been rising steadily. As per a 2017 report by Indian Computer Response, Emergency Team, one cyber crime took place in India every 10 minutes in the first six months of the year. The figure was relatively higher than that recorded in 2016, which was one cyber crime every 12 minutes.

As e-wallets, digital payment systems and plastic money make inroads into people’s everyday life, it’s become important to be alert when it comes to electronic transactions. Moreover, the rise in cyber crime doesn’t exactly help the situation. It’s not uncommon to hear people falling prey to crimes like phishing, vishing or identity theft.

In the wake of the alarm sounded by these statistics, banks like the RBL Bank are ensuring that their clients’ money is secure by offering easy ways to hot-list a debit card in case of loss, theft or damage.

About the bank

RBL Bank is one of the fastest expanding private banks which offer specialized services under six banking verticals which include corporate and agricultural. With a network of over 247 branches across the country, the bank has managed to assemble a customer base of 3.98 million users.

How to block a debit card

Once you have ensured that your debit card isn’t with you or has been damaged or misplaced or you have noticed that a person is making unauthorized transactions with the card, it would be better to block the card. One can do this in three different ways, which are as follows:

a) Via Phone banking

  • One can report a lost debit card and hot-list it by dialing the bank’s customer care at 91 22 61156300 to 99 or 1800 123 8040.
  • The caller is greeted by a phone banking executive who would tell him or her about the entire process of blocking a debit card.
  • After confirmation, the card will be blocked and the caller’s request for a new debit card would be forwarded to the bank for being processed.
  • In case the debit card is stolen, the client must file an FIR with the police at the earliest and must send a copy of the FIR to RBL Bank.

b) Via written communication

  1. One also has the option to write to the bank at to report the loss/theft/damage/misuse of a debit card.

Visiting the bank

The third option available to people is to visit the nearest branch of RBL Bank and report the loss and get it blocked. One can also request a new debit card on the spot.

How to unblock a card

If you’re debit card is blocked it might be for various reason, here’s what you should do in case this happens:

Wrong password: There are times when one accidentally blocks a debit card by entering the wrong password during an online transaction with the debit card. In case this happens, the debit card is unblocked automatically after 24 hours.

For an unknown reason: If by any chance a debit card is blocked accidentally, then one should call up the bank’s customer care to report the incident. The bank would deliver a new debit card with a new PIN at the client’s registered address.

For more information, a client  can log on to RBL Bank’s official website

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