How To Block/Unblock Indian Bank ATM Debit Card

In the present time, almost every Bank account holder is using the facilities of ATM and debit cards for easy and quick banking. ATM and debit cards are used to withdraw money from any ATM or to make payments for the shopping without cash in your pocket. There may be emergencies when you lost the ATM or debit card. In such cases, it is always important to block it instantly to prevent any kind of misuse. If you have an account in Indian Bank, you will always get the facility of ATM and debit card in this bank.


If you have lost the Indian Bank ATM or debit card, you should know the process to block it instantly to keep your money safe. The consumers of this Bank can use the following processes to block the ATM or debit card in emergencies:

Block with internet banking facility

With Indian Bank, the consumers will find the facility of internet banking. You just need to use the following process if you are using internet banking facility with your account in this Bank:

  • Visit the website link
  • Click the option of login for internet banking
  • Enter username and password to login
  • Find the option to manage ATM or debit card
  • Request to block the ATM card by selecting your account number

Contact customer care service providers

Indian Bank is known to provide good customer care services to help the consumers and account holders in case of an emergency. If you are not using the facility of internet banking, you can directly contact the customer care service providers at the helpline numbers given below to block your ATM or debit card:

  • 044-25279897
  • 044-25279898
  • 044-25279899
  • 044-25279884

The consumers can also use the email services to contact this customer care service providers for this request. You can send an email at to make this request with this process. Both of these customer care services are available 24/7 for every account holder and they will complete the process to block your card with this method.

Visit the bank branch

The consumers can also visit the home branch of Indian Bank to make a request to block the ATM or debit card. You just need to fill the form to make this request and submit it to the bank executive. They will manually block your ATM or debit card. The consumers can also request for a new card by submitting the application form for a new ATM or debit card at the bank branch.

With all these processes, you will be able to make a request to block the ATM or debit card in Indian Bank. If you found your lost debit card, you can use all these facilities to make a request to unblock it. After confirmation of unblocking process, you will receive a text message on the registered mobile number and you will be able to use your debit card in the normal way after it. This facility is very beneficial to prevent the misuse of your cards in such emergencies.

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  1. Block Ho gya h online me unblock krna h. ATM card no 5172719922000472 account no 6669162209 Mo 9125032066

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