How To Block/Unblock Indian Overseas Bank (IOB) ATM Debit Card

Indian Overseas Bank is one of the reputed banking organizations in the country. With your account in Indian Overseas Bank, you will also find the facility of ATM debit card. In the present time, ATM card is used by all the account holders in the banks. It is very useful to withdraw money from the ATM machine and to make other online or offline transactions. Usually, everyone keeps the ATM card in a purse or wallet. They can be emergencies when your wallet or ATM card can get lost or it can be stolen.

3 Steps to Block/Unblock Indian Overseas Bank ATM Debit Card

In such cases, it is always necessary to block your ATM or debit card instantly otherwise someone can misuse it to withdraw money from your account. If you want to block the ATM card in Indian Overseas Bank, you can use the following methods for it:

Block/Unblock with Internet Banking Facility

First of all, if you are using the internet banking facility in Indian Overseas Bank, you can use it to block your ATM card easily. To login to your account of internet banking, you can visit the website link After login to an account, you will go to your profile and search for the option to manage your ATM card. You can put the request to block your ATM card with this process.

Block/Unblock with Customer Care Service

The consumers will always find the option to contact the customer care service providers to block the ATM or debit card instantly. To make this request, you just need to contact the helpline number 1800 425 4445. They will ask for personal and account related information to complete this process to block your ATM or debit card.

In Indian Overseas Bank, the account holders will also find the option to use the email services to contact the customer care executive. You just need to send the email at

Block/Unblock ATM Card by Visiting a Home Branch

If you are unable to use the methods of internet banking and customer care, it will be good to visit the home branch of Indian Overseas Bank to complete this process. You can contact the bank executive to complete this process manually. Once the process to block ATM or debit card is completed, no one will be able to make any kinds of transactions by using the ATM card of Indian Overseas Bank. It will be very helpful to prevent any kind of misuse in case of lost or stolen card and it will be very beneficial for the account holder.

In the final words, if you want to block ATM or debit card in Indian Overseas Bank instantly, it will be the best option to contact the customer care service providers. They are available 24/7 to provide help to every consumer and you are always free to contact them in such emergencies. They will instantly block the card and you will receive the confirmation message on your registered mobile number. You can also use these methods to unblock the card anytime.

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  1. Hi sir plz my recoust My account pass book ar atm cord chak life my signathur ar mising miss man use all account block pananum sir plz iam my native place sir

  2. Sir my debit card is blocked as i have not used for more than 2 months can i unblock it without visiting the branch .please help Can the customer care can help to unblock the card with card details .

  3. Hai sir,
    my ATM debit card was blocked for online payment due to repeated entry of incorrect details and how to unlock the card without branch help.

  4. Please unblock my debit card because i have entered other name for card holder’s name instead of original card holder’s name it was my fault only so please unblock itas soon as possible

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