How To Block/Unblock Syndicate Bank ATM Debit Card

As per studies conducted in the country, it has been found that the use of debit cards and credit cards has been increasing at a furious pace. Debit cards, e-wallets, and other digital transactions and platforms are fast pushing India towards a cashless economy. Studies have found that people prefer to use plastic money over cash for a variety of reasons. While convenience and acceptance top the list of reasons behind the popularity of debit cards, other factors like cash-backs and rewards, shortage of currency in ATMs and the ease with which one can track his or her spends make them a great tool.

However, the rising cyber crimes in the country make one think if the country is really ready to ride the cashless wave. With crimes like digital frauds, phishing and vishing recording an uptick in their numbers, one wonders if the country is really ready to go all cashless.

What Banks do Block ATM Debit Card

  • In such a grey picture, banks are playing a crucial role in protecting consumers’ interest and ensuring that they do not lose their faith in the use of plastic money.
  • Banks like Syndicate Bank have a stringent framework that ensures that a client’s money remains safe if the latter loses a debit card.
  • Syndicate Bank allows its clients to report the theft or damage caused to a debit card and then block it.

When you Should be Worried?

While it always pays to be alert, here are a few situations when you should consider hotlisting the card:

  • When you can’t find your debit card
  • When it’s damaged by fire or force
  • In case a trader or a merchant swipes your card more than once. You can call up the helpline to verify the transaction.
  • If one feels that they have accidentally revealed important information like ATM PIN to an impostor or a fraudulent website.

How to Block an ATM Debit Card

If despite the best of your efforts, you can’t find your debit card or notice that someone else is using your debit card without your permission, you should block your card. Here’s a list of what one should do:

  • The first step is to contact Syndicate Bank’s customer care by dialing their toll-free helpline number especially for BSNL/MTNL landlines 1800 4250 585.
  • Alternatively, one can also dial 9483522433 and
  • 080-25125300  to contact the bank’s customer care.
  • The caller would be greeted by the bank’s executive who would first verify the caller’s identity by asking for a few details like date of birth, address and account number or customer id.
  • The executive would then take the caller through the entire process of blocking a debit card and its repercussions.
  • After confirming the caller’s decision to block the debit card, the caller processes the request.
  • Once a debit card is blocked, Syndicate Bank does not allow any more transactions with the card.
  • The executive would then familiarise the caller with the process of requesting a new debit card.

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  1. Hai
    I lost my debit card I blocked my debit card through the customer care now I get the old ATM card can I unblock that card?

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