How To Block/Unblock Union Bank of India (UBI) ATM Debit Card

Recent studies have shown that the use of debit and credit cards has been steadily rising in the country. The availability of debit and credit cards on easy terms, e-wallets and various digital platforms are fast pushing the country towards a cashless economy.

The ease of payments, acceptance as a form of payment, cash backs and rewards and convenience are some of the top reasons why debit cards are so popular.

As per a survey conducted by Indian Computer Emergency Response Team in 2017, one cyber crime takes place in the country every 10 minutes.

Such facts makes one wonder whether the country is ready to become cashless.

What banks are doing

At the same time, banks like the Union Bank of India have in place a stringent framework to protect their client’s money and privacy.

The bank enables its clients to hot-list or block a debit card in case it is stolen, misplaced, damaged or misused.

How to block a debit card

In case one realizes that their debit has been stolen or is being used by an unauthorized person, they should immediately block it. The Union Bank of India enables its clients to block their debit cards by using the following steps:

Phone banking

  • The first thing one needs to do is to call up the bank’s customer car at their toll-free, 24x 7 available helpline 1800 2222 44 or 1800 208 2244.
  • Alternatively, one can call the bank at another number— 080-25300175—albeit the caller would be charged for the call.
  • The caller would be greeted by a banking executive, who would first verify the identity of the caller by asking for a few personal details like date of birth and address.
  • After the verification, the executive would tell the caller about the process of hot-listing the debit card. After confirming the caller’s decision to block the card.
  • Next, the phone banker would tell the caller about the process to request a new debit card.
  • In case one finds a lost debit card after it has been blocked, they should destroy it as the bank does not unblock a blocked card.

How to unblock or reset passwords

  • There are times, when one accidentally blocks a debit card while entering the password to use internet banking services three times in a row.
  • In such a situation, the debit card is blocked and to unblock it one has to change or re-set the password for the net-banking service.
  • To do this, one first has to log on to and then change the password for which one would need the internet banking username, the ATM card number and its PIN.
  • Alternatively, once can call the bank’s 24 x7 available helpline and request a new password.
  • After verifying the details, the caller’s request is recorded and a document containing the new password is couriered to the caller’s registered address.

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