How To Block/Unblock United Bank of India (UTBI) ATM Debit Card

The United Bank of India is one of the oldest banks nationalized in 1969. This is one of the 14 major banks in India at that time. This bank was formed by merging four banks in 1950, namely, Bengal Central Bank, Hooghly Bank Limited, Comilla Banking Corporation Limited, Comilla Union Bank Limited. Before nationalization, the bank has 174 branches, back to 1914. Today, the bank is extended to 1999 branches. This bank has a three-tier administration system with head office, 35 regional offices, and regional branches.

After getting nationalized, this bank got tremendous fame for participating in various social and economic development activities in the service of the public. United Bank of India is a government of India associated organization since nationalization on 19th July 1969.

Steps To Unblock  ATM Debit Card

Hot-listing of your debit card or ATM card can be done by using either your 13-Digit Account number or 16-Digit debit card number of the customer. The landline number and a toll-free telephone number for blocking or unblocking or hot-listing your ATM or debit card  are

  • 022-40429100 or
  • Toll-free number 1800-103-3470
  • The above numbers are available in Hindi and English.
  • After dialing the above numbers, the customer will receive an interactive voice and get instructions to perform the following step by step procedure.
  1. For communication in Hindi version, Press 1
  2. For communication in English, Press 2.
  3. If the card is to be hot-listed by your account number, Press 1.
  4. For hot-listing by your debit or ATM card number, then Press 2.
  5. Enter your 13 digit account number or 16-digit debit or atm card number according to the instructions.
  6. The voice will repeat the dialed number and asks for your confirmation.
  7. To confirm your option, press 1.

If the dialed number is correct, the card will be instantly hot-listed and a 12 digits reference number will be given by the system. This number should be kept by the customer for their record or for the purpose of any future correspondence with the bank. In the event of facing any difficulty in using the above system, you can contact /visit the Branch and may get the card hot-listed on from the branch end on your behalf using the above process. In an unlikely event or query, you can e-mail  your request to

Steps To Block  ATM Debit Card

Now, your debit or ATM card can be blocked 24×7 using the internet banking facility – By three simple steps

Step 1: go to our bank’s website
Step 2: select E-banking section option and then Select Retail user
Step 3: Continue navigation  to login option, and once you login then select Card Blocking option

Or – Log in through your E-banking portal and under Debit Card Tab, select the Card Blocking section.

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