United Bank of India (UTBI) Net Banking Online – How to Register/Activate

United Bank of India was one of the 14 banks to get nationalized. It got nationalized in 1969. At present, it is supported by 35 regional offices while it generates an annual business of about 2 crores. It aims to provide sophisticated facilities to valued customers, including e-banking facility. To become a net banking user online, one needs to follow a simple registration procedure. Internet banking facility is available for all types of account holders.

Facilities for United Bank of India (UTBI) Users

Internet banking services are free of cost. A net banking user can customize his account. He can introduce features like password changes, profile changes, changing date formats, change of contact information etc.

Users with net banking account are eligible for benefits like balance inquiry, online tax payment, e-shopping and online payment of utility bills. If you are a  net banking customer, the world travels with you. You can get online real-time access with clients. In order to be able to use online banking services, the user needs to have a personal computer with Java installed.

United Bank of India (UTBI) Registration Procedure

The term given to United Bank of India online banking services is called e-banking.  For registration in net banking, clients must duly fill the application form and submit it to bank authorities. For detailed information about net banking features, clients must access http://www.unitedbankofindia.com/english/ebanking.aspx.

To register for internet banking services fill the application for internet banking services. Download application using the link http://www.unitedbankofindia.com/. When the form opens, select your user option i.e. retail or corporate. Next, select registration forms. The user id and password information is sent to respective branch for security reasons. In case of any query or complaints, clients can contact through ebankhelpdesk@unitedbank.co.in.

A one-time password(OTP)is an 8 digit security randomly generated during login. OTP provides safety from online money scams. OTP is a tool for second level authentication of user. It is required whenever user logs in to complete a financial transaction.

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