How to Generate/Change United Bank of India (UBI) ATM Debit Card Pin

United Bank of India is a financial services company which is owned by the Indian government. The Head office of UBI is in Kolkata. Generally, the United Bank of India is subcategorized into three levels as head office, regional office, and branches which are widely spread across the country.

The government has invested about 3 billion rupees in the shares of UBI. Basically, the United Bank of India as the result of merging four banks Comilla Banking Corporation, Comilla Union Bank, Hooghly Bank, Bengal Central Bank. The merger of these banks resulted in United Bank of India.

United Bank offers various services like

  • ATM
  • Debit card
  • Internet banking
  • Mobile banking
  • Prepaid card
  • SMS banking

Steps To Generate/Change the United Bank of India ATM Debit Card Pin

  • First, the user must visit the United Bank of India official website which is
  • Then the user must go to the services tab from which select the debit card option.
  • In the Debit card option, there is a various option present from that choose the debit card self-reset password option. Then a new page open which has certain details to be filled by the user in order to reset the password.
  • First user must register themselves on the bank website and acquire a user login ID.
  • Then enter the debit card number in the card details.
  • Next step is to enter the card pin number along with the expiry date of the debit card.
  • Now comes the account number of the user of the bank in which they have the account.
  • Next, there is an option detail to be filled like here the user can either enter the date of birth or pan number any one of the details are enough. And enter the mobile number which is a mandatory field to enter.
  • In the next step, the user needs to enter one of the five transactions amount done through the debit card.This detail is to verify the authenticity of the card holder.
  • Then check the sign on a box to change the pin of the debit card and also the change transaction password box. Then enter the captcha displayed on the screen and then hit submit.
  • Then automatically the password will be changed and details will be reset with a newly generated pin.
  • The newly generated password or the pin will be sent to the contact number or through the post.

If in case the above instruction doesn’t work for the users, then they can always opt for the customer support desk by calling 1800 345 0345. They provide the details on how to change or generate the pin of the debit card.

These are few steps to follow to change or generate the debit pin in the United Bank of India.

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