Catholic Syrian Bank Aadhar Card Link Online/Offline

Linking Aadhar card is very necessary if you want to enjoy the banking facilities now. Aadhar card is the identification proof which has been made necessary in every field. There are various methods which are made available to the customer of Catholic Syrian Bank. You can choose any of the following methods to link your Aadhar card to your bank account.

Link Aadhar card via SMS

For linking the Aadhar card, you will need to send Aadhar<space>account number<space>Aadhar number to the 56161. After the registration, you will receive a confirmation message immediately.

Link by going to the official website

You can go to the official website and then you would see a directing link which would take you to the procedure of linking the Aadhar number with the bank account. Follow the procedure and your Aadhar card number will be linked to your bank account.

Go to the nearest ATM

For linking the Aadhar card to the bank account, you can also go to the nearest ATM branch of Catholic Syrian Bank. You will need to swipe the card and then you will enter the PIN after which you can choose the option of service menu where you can easily find the ‘select Aadhar registration’ option. Then, you will need to enter the Aadhar number twice for the confirmation. Within a few minutes, you will be able to receive a confirmation SMS on your phone.

Go the bank branch

If you want to link Aadhar card to your bank branch, then you can go to the nearest bank branch of CSB. You will need to fulfil the registration form with correct details and then you can submit the form with a photocopy of Aadhar card. After the verification with the original copy, your Aadhar card will be linked to your bank account.

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