Central Bank of India (CBI) Online Complaint – How To Do?

Central Bank of India was founded in the year 1911 on 21st December. The main headquarters of this large commercial bank is located in Maharashtra, India. The bank has a network of 4730 branches and 5319 ATMs across 27 states of India.

The bank focuses on providing the best facilities to its customers. But sometimes, it may be possible that customers might get some problem. For the registration of the complaint, one can go to the branch of the bank or he/she can use the online method to file the complaint.

How To Check Central Bank of India (CBI) Complaint of Existing Customer

If you are an existing customer of the bank, then that’s sure that your problem will be solved with immediate effect. You just need to go to the website, https://www.centralbankofindia.co.in/English/Grievance.aspx. You will need to select the category, mode and a brief explanation of the complaint while filling the form. Make sure that you enter the same details which you had entered into your bank account. You can easily submit your application by rechecking the form.

The process for filling the application form is the same as that of the members of the bank. If you are not connected to the bank because you have got a complaint, then you can fill the form and submit it to the online website of the bank.

How To Check Central Bank of India (CBI) Pensioner Complaint

The people who get pension regularly can lead a better life but the one who doesn’t get a pension on time start getting economic problems. Sometimes, the amount of pension is not accurate and at that time one can file the online pensioner complaint.

How To Check Central Bank of India (CBI) Online Complaint Status

It is very easy to check the complaint status these days because the bank has made available this facility for all their customers. You can know about the place up to which your application has reached.

4 thoughts on “Central Bank of India (CBI) Online Complaint – How To Do?

    1. Hello sir
      M ATM se paise nikala PR mere ATM se paisa nikla hi nhi PR mere mobile PR message
      Aa gya ki aapke account se Etna paisa cut gya h my account no .is ..3447795101.. Name ..Dashrath gupta.. Branch ..barhaj…ifsc code… CBINO284568..please help me sir …

  1. Mau sabhapati devi R.D. A/C no. 3240681963 ke rupye ko saving acaunt me transfer ke liya 2 mahine pahle aplication diya abhi Tak rupya trasfer nahi huwa

  2. Myself Amit Varshney existing customer of CBI Subzi mandi branch Aligarh (u.p)…..पिछले 2 महिने से बैंक में पासबुक पूरी करने जाता हूं मगर ये कह कर मुझे वापिस कर दिया जाता है की प्रिंटर ठीक नही है और वहां के स्टाफ का व्यवहार बहुत ही खराब है और आलसी किस्म का है ग्राहकों के प्रति कोई भी काम टाइम से नही किया जाता मेरे पूरे परिवार से 5 खाते है और इसलिए मैंने अब वो सब खाते बंद करने जा रहा हु

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