Dhanlaxmi Bank Online Complaint – How To Do?

The Dhanlaxmi Bank is a private bank which was founded in the year 1927 on 14th November. Its main headquarters is located in Thrissur, Kerala. This bank has a network of 280 branches and 398 ATMs spread over sixteen states of the country. The bank was started with low financial status and now it has been serving a lot of customers in a nice way. The bank has introduced various new facilities for getting the customers connected to them.

How to file a complaint with this bank?

One can use the offline and online method both for filing the complaint in this bank. You can give a call to the telephone number where you would be able to talk to the customer care service. You can ask your queries about the complaint form on phone. If you don’t want to call the help service of the bank, then you can also write your complaint and post it to the address of the bank.

This is a time of digital age and if you want to file a complaint online, then the bank has made this service available for its customers. You can go on the link given below to visit the website of the bank. http://www.dhanbank.com/contact/customer_care.aspx. After going to this link you will be able to get all the offline and online methods to file the complaint. You would find a box with ‘contact us online’ written on it. You will click on the link given in the box for getting the registration form. After getting the form, you will need to fill the form online and it would also need to be submitted online. Make sure that you fill the complaint registration form with correct details. After a few days, you will get a reply to your complaint in written form.

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