RBL Bank Online Complaint – How To Do?

RBL Bank was established in the year 1943 and is one of the oldest private banks in India. The bank is headquartered in Mumbai. RBL Bank operates 244 branches and 387 ATMs which cover 20 states and union territories of the country. The bank currently has about 3.15 million customers and a business size worth Rs 64,000 crores. RBL Bank has divided customer complaints into three parts with separate redressal mechanisms.

They have been described here.

Banking complaints

In case of banking complaints, the customer can visit the official website of the bank and fill in the grievance form. The URL for the form is https://rblbank.com/suggestion-and-complaints A complaint reference number would be provided to the customer on successful submission of the form. The bank would contact the customer within ten days.

The customer can also make a written complaint to the concerned bank manager or contact the bank using the given helpline numbers 022 61156300 to 99 or 18001238040.

If the complaint is not solved then the customer can contact the regional nodal officer. Email ids and addresses of various regional nodal officers are available on the bank’s official website https://www.rblbank.com/pdfs/grievances/regional-nodal-officer.pdf

The complaint can be forwarded to the Principal Nodal officer if the issue remains unresolved. Email id is principalnodalofficer@rblbank.com

The final authority for complaints is the Banking Ombudsman.

Credit Card complaints

Complaints related to credit cards can be emailed to cardservices@rblbank.com The bank responds within ten days of receiving the complaint. If the customer is not satisfied with the response, he/she can contact the head of credit card service at headcardservice@rblbank.com

The principal nodal officer can be contacted at principalnodalofficercards@rblbank.com if the complaint is not resolved satisfactorily.

Depository complaints

Investors can file their depository complaints with the Principal Nodal Officer at principalnodalofficer@rblbank.com

The second level of complaint filing is with the Compliance Officer. Email id is Asutosh.Mohata@rblbank.com

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