Indian Bank Net Banking – How to Register/Activate?

Indian Bank is a Public Sector Bank in India which was set up in the year 1907. The bank is known for the services related to Consumer banking, corporate banking, insurance, loans, investment banking, private banking and wealth management. It had been one of the best performing banks in India for a long time and this is surely something that attracts a lot of customers. After all, it is all about the service that you offer your customer.

Talking about the total branches, the bank has over 2850 branches and over 2850 ATMs in the country. In addition to this, the bank has its headquarters located in Chennai. Indian bank also has some international branches located in Singapore and Colombo.

In this particular article, we have listed all the information about Indian Bank Net Banking System. We are also going to talk about the process to register for internet banking apart from all other aspects of internet banking.

How to Register / Activate Indian Bank Net Banking

It is possible to register for the internet banking for Indian bank online and there is no need to visit the bank branch to register for the service. That is something obsolete. Follow the process listed below to register for the Net Banking via Online Medium

  • To register for the net banking, visit the Indian Bank website at and once you are on the website, click on Login for Net Banking
  • On the login page, enter the CIF Number or the account number along with the mobile number and captcha code.
  • Once you enter these details, validate your request with OTP and select the facilities that you wish to enrol for. With this, you will be able to set a login password and security questions. You also need to validate the ATM Card Details here.
  • You can now use the Login Password and Login ID to login to the account.

Steps to Obtain Indian Bank Net Banking ID and Password

We have listed the process to create the login password in the section above. In this particular section, we are going to talk about the login process

  • To log in to Indian Bank Net banking, visit the net baking site with help of the link mentioned above and click on Login to net Banking on the homepage.
  • Once you are on the login page, select the user type as Individual and enter your Login Customer ID. Also, enter the captcha code and click on continue.
  • Now, enter the password and you will be redirected to the dashboard of your account.

How to Change Indian Bank Net Banking Password / Forgot Password

If you are not able to recall the password for your Indian Bank Account then you can go ahead and change the password easily. Follow the process listed below to change the password.

  • Visit the Login page for Indian Bank Net Banking. Enter your Customer ID and Captcha Code and click on continue
  • You will be asked to enter the password and just below the login button, there would be a link to reset the password. Click on the link.
  • You will now be asked to validate the details like Account Number, Mobile Number, OTP and Debit Card Details. Complete the validation.
  • After successful validation, you will be able to reset the PIN for your Debit Card. This solves the problem when you forget your password. You can also use the process to change the password whenever required.

You can also activate all bank procedure through your mobile Using Indian Bank Mobile Banking

How to Change Indian Bank Net Banking Pin / Forgot Pin

There are times when people end up forgetting the ATM PIN for the Debit Card. This is the scenario that every bank customer faces. If you forgot the PIN for your Indian Bank Debit Card then you can follow the process listed below to change it.

  • Visit the nearest ATM and select the Green PIN Option after swiping your Debit Card. this will trigger an ATM request and you will be able to change the PIN for your Debit Card.
  • You can call on the Phone Banking Number and select the option for PIN Generation. Enter the debit card number along with expiry date and account number. You will also be prompted to enter the date of birth. After entering the details, you can go ahead and generate ATM PIN. You just need to follow the instructions for the same,
  • To generate the PIN using internet banking, you can go ahead and login to net banking. Go to the section for Debit Card and opt for the service to change the Debit Card PIN. You will be able to change the PIN after a simple Debit Card Validation.

How to Deactivate Indian Bank Net Banking

To deactivate Net Banking for Indian bank you need to get in touch with Indian Bank Phone Banking services. They will deactivate your internet banking immediately. The contact number for the phone banking is 1800 4250 0000 and the number is available round the clock for support. It is a toll-free number for the customers and you must save it in your phonebook. We are again reiterating this and you must get in touch with Indian Bank as soon as you notice any suspicious activity on your account.

If it is not urgent then you can visit the Indian Bank Branch in your area and request for the deactivation of net banking. The process is quite simple as you just need to submit an application to deactivate the internet banking.

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