A.P. Mahesh Co-Operative Urban Bank is popularly referred to as Mahesh Bank and for the ease of understanding, we are going to refer to it as Mahesh Bank on this page. Talking about the inception of the bank, it is known that the bank was established in August 1978. Later in 1996, the bank received the status of the scheduled bank from Reserve Bank of India

Today, the bank has a wide network and it has expanded to a total of 45 branches. The maximum penetration is in Hyderabad with a total of 35 branches in Hyderabad and Secunderabad. In addition to this, the bank also has operations in Guntur, Visakhapatnam, Rajasthan, and even Maharashtra.

The bank has received many awards for its services. One of the awards that the bank received was for the mobile app the bank has also received an award for e-Payments. All these things help us in ensuring that it is a reliable bank to do business with.

Since the bank is expanding, we are expecting that the bank will add more products to its portfolio which it will offer to the customers. Presently, the bank only offers retail banking, forex services, loans, and other such financial services to the customers. All these can collaborate under your net banking and hence you must activate your net banking if you have an account with Mahesh Bank. In this article, we are going to talk about the procedure associated with the net banking so you can check out all the details below.

Steps to Register / Activate Mahesh Bank Net Banking

Mahesh Bank doesn’t allow the user to register for net banking via Online Medium. They need to take the offline route to activate net banking. If you are planning to activate the net banking then check out the steps listed below.

Steps to Obtain Mahesh Bank Net Banking ID and Password

Once you obtain the Net Banking ID and Password by following the steps listed in the section above, you can go ahead and follow the steps below to login to the Mahesh bank net banking portal

How to Change Mahesh Bank Net Banking Password /Forgot Password

Below is the process to change the password or to reset the forgotten password.

How to Change Mahesh Bank Net Banking Pin/ Forgot Pin

If you need to change the PIN in Mahesh Bank then you can follow the instructions at ATM machine but if you forgot the PIN then you would have to request a new PIN by visiting the branch. You can also call the customer care and request for a Green PIN which would help you in resetting the PIN.

How to Deactivate Mahesh Bank Net Banking

There are three different ways to deactivate net banking in case of Mahesh Bank. The first one is to visit the bank branch which is surely one of the most inconvenient channels to deactivate net banking. The second and third way includes using phone banking and sending an email. So to deactivate the net banking for Mahesh Bank, you can either call on 040-23437107 or you can send an email to the bank on customercare@apmaheshbank.com. If you think it is important to block the net banking right away then use the phone banking service.

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