How to Open/Close Central Bank of India (CBI) Account Online

Central Bank of India was established in 1911. It was the first commercial bank to be owned and managed by Indian citizens. At present, CBI has a widespread network with 4695 branches, 4 extension counters, and 29 satellite offices. It provides attractive interest rate schemes for savings accounts.

A client wishing to open online savings account with Central Bank of India must first log into the online savings account opening portal. In this portal, you need to fill all the details about yourself carefully. This will include personal information such as name, father’s name, date of birth, address. Having a PAN card and an Aadhar card is also mandatory nowadays. For those who are unable to provide all details in one session, one can save details and resume the process later as per one’s convenience. The Resume Form Filling option enables the user to continue with the form and provide remaining details, not submitted earlier.

  • To check the status of one’s application, one has to use the ‘check status’ option. This step is followed by providing TRN.
  • One can open small savings account with a balance of Rs. 1000 only. With the online account opening option, the process becomes much faster. The account gets opened immediately.
  • Open central bank of India online banking portal.
  • Next click on the option Online Saving Account Opening, from a list of options. In the next screen, select the option New user. In the next page, select the option ‘Accept terms and conditions’.
  • Then select No, meaning compliance with FATCA. To proceed further, click Agree. In the next screen, fill the Online Account Opening Application Form. It is compulsory to fill all the details with an asterisk.

Proceed further as under.

  1. Select preferred branch as per your convenience
  2. Enter name, date of birth, gender, and marital status
  3. Type your residential and official address
  4. Next, enter ID proof details like PAN and Aadhar Card details
  5. Add contact information like email id and mobile number
  6. Add nominee details like name and relationship

Once all these details are filled, click on the option Submit. With this, the prospective client’s application gets submitted. You will receive TRN no. on your mobile, which you need for the further process.

When you visit the bank, give the TRN no. to the bank official. Also submit your documents like passport, Aadhar card. Deposit initially an amount of 1000 or 2000. Immediately accounting process is over. The client is given the Welcome Kit.

In case a client decides to close an existing account, following the online procedure is a great time saver. The client must fill the account closure request form available at the online bank portal. The bank authorities get notified of the client willing to close the account. Hence the account gets closed without any physical motion or mental tension.

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