How to Open/Close Union Bank of India (UBI) Account Online

In the year 1919, the Union Bank of India was established with its headquarters in Mumbai. Since its establishment, the bank has achieved a sustainable growth and has more than 4200 branches across the country. It also has contributed a role in the economic uplift of the country.

On the terms of technology too, it has taken its initiative and all its branches are computerized. Using the platform of technology, it has developed many innovative products in banking and finance.

This technology platform has offered convenience and speed in the transaction.

Union Bank of India has offered services of Saving Accounts, Salary accounts and Current Accounts. With the acceptance of technology, the bank is offering all its services online. So, one need not to go the bank personally and completes all the formalities. The individuals can open the online account by sitting their home only just be making few clicks on the computer.

Opening an Account online

The candidates who want to open an account with Union Bank of India have to follow certain steps in order to accomplish their goal of opening an account with Union Bank of India.

  • First of all, they will visit the official website of Union Bank of India. So, they will visit
  • After that, they will search for an active link to online account opening. On finding the link, they will click the link. They will have online application form appearing on the screen of the computer.
  • Now, the applicants will fill all the details that are asked in the online application. The applicants will fill application details, address and other details and nominee details. They have to provide all the correct details.
  • They will fill Full name, father’s name, Mother’s name, contact number, e mail ID, Aadhar Card number, PAN Number and so on. After completing all the formalities, they also have to present some documents. After the verification of documents, their account will get open with Union Bank of India.

Closing the Account

For closing the account, no online option is available .So you need to visit near by branch ad surrender your all account documents. You need to request a closure application form too and submit it to the respective department .Make sure that you carry all your credentials and documents while visiting the bank for account closure.

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