How To Open/Close City Union Bank (CUB ) Account Online

In the year 1904, started the journey of the City Union Bank as the Indian Bank started off as a limited company. Initially, carrying out its services as a regional bank in Tamilnadu, the bank started expanding itself and went down to 562 branches in a short span of time.

Talking about the achievements of the bank, the bank started introducing to the Indian market its first robot, Lakshmi. The feature of this robot is that it is the first on-site humanoid and can cater to all the sensitive information of the bank such as 120 questions that a bank asks, account details etc. “ Ask Lakshmi”, is the chat booth, which helps the customers in case there is any query.

Further, the bank is equipped with some of the best modern day facilities such as mobile banking, online banking, green pin option etc.

About City Union Bank Account

City Union Bank has made a mark for itself in the banking industry. The savings account here is of various types and will help you with some of the major advantages. The account will give you an interest rate for any amount of savings. Along with this, there are various schemes give to a person for opening up their savings account. Recently, City Union Bank has come up with the tech account and Gramin accounts, so that they can take over the market in the banking industry. In order to open an account in City Union Bank, either you can go to the branch of the bank or you can open an account at your convenience by visiting their website and apply for it.

How To Open/Close City Union Bank Account

In order to open up an account at the City Union Bank at your convenience, visit their website and get through the whole online process. The following steps are to be followed to open/ close a bank account online.

Open the account online

  • Visit their website and go through the step by step instruction, provided on the website.
  • The moment you click on the Apply option, you will need to give in your basic information in your application.
  • Once this is one, a representative from the bank will get in touch with you to complete the whole process by carrying out the verification of your application.

Close the account online

For the closure of the account, all you need to do is visit the website of the bank and fill in the details in the closure form.

A representative will get in touch with you to verify your identity and address and then you will be able to return your cheque book and the debit card.

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  1. i would like to open a s/a with city union bank , peenya branch in bangalore. Can i get any assistance from executives ? My cell no. is 8139801628.Expecting a call.

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