Syndicate Bank Credit Card Eligibility Criteria & Required Documents

If you ask anyone to name one of India’s oldest, but largest Bank they will, without any doubt say The Syndicate Bank. The extremely user-friendly and customer-oriented services and policies of the Syndicate Bank have led it to become such huge a success and customer’s first choice. It is not unknown a fact that The Syndicate Bank, for decades been playing a major role in improving the rural front of the Banking system.

It has digitized the cash flow in the parts of India where electricity took years to be reached. With its ever increasing users, it is strengthening the financial development of our country.

Do you want to know why to choose the Syndicate Bank Credit Card?

Before getting into the eligibility details of the Syndicate Bank Credit Card, here is an overview of the features of the same.

  • The Credit Card is free of cost forever that means it has no annual fees.
  • The Syndicate Credit Card has a flexible credit period ranging between 20 to 50 days. This also depends on the fact whether or not you have paid off the earlier dues.
  • This program offers the lowest credit rates of 2% per month only.
  • One can withdraw cash using the credit card at the minimal concessional rate.
  • You can earn one point on every Rs.200 purchases made in the credit card without a doubt.
  • Any member aged 18 years or above could get a supplementary card with their own names.

The List of two varieties of Syndicate Credit Cards

1. The Classic Credit Card-

This is for the professionals who earn a minimum of Rs. 60,000 annually. The self-employed and business class persons should be able to display their annual income to be Rs. 1 lakh minimum for Classic Credit Card. Senior citizens and pension holders of the same amount can also avail this credit card.

2. The Gold Credit Card-

The individuals who have Rs. 1.5 Lakhs of minimum annual salary can enjoy the ultimate benefits of being a Gold card holder. The Business class, however, should legally earn a sum of Rs. 2 Lakhs annually. Neither senior citizens nor pensioners are allowed in the Gold category of credit cards.

The Eligibility Criteria

  • The applicant should be staying in the nearby region of closest Syndicate Bank Branch.
  • The applicant should be of 21 years of age or above.
  • The maximum age for a salaried employee is 60, 65 for business class and 70 for a senior citizen.
  • An NRI or foreign nationalist, if have a bank account in Syndicate Bank can apply for the credit card, too.

Documentation required for the Syndicate Bank Credit Card

  • The applicant should have a PAN card
  • The record of recent 3 months’ income proof, that is:
  • Salary slips for salaried employee
  • ITR for a self-employed
  • Pension slip for the pensioner
  • The NRI and Foreigner applicants should submit a copy of their Visa, Passport, a copy of their residence in India and the reason for the stay.

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