United Bank of India (UTBI) Online Complaint – How To Do?

The United Bank of India was one among the 14 banks that were nationalized in the year 1969. It has its headquarters at Kolkata and the 2054 branches of the bank are spread widely across the country. The United Bank of India has received SEBI’s approval to issue equity shares worth Rs. 1000 crore by way of institutional replacement in November 2017.

It is also the collection bank for (PMNRF) or the Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund. the donations you make towards PMNRF are considered for 100% deduction from taxable income.

Customer service and  possible complaints

Customer service at its best and sustained business growth is what the bank aims at. The bank is also committed to ensuring that complaints and redressals are minimized through the proper delivery of services and addressing the grievances of the customers through a proper review system.  The policy of the grievance redressal mechanism is to

  • Ensure customers are treated fairly at all times.
  • Complaints raised by the customer is attended to and corrected at the earliest.
  • Making the customers aware of how the problem could be solved and who has to be approached for the same.

And for the banks

  • To treat all complaints fairly and equally
  • To try their best to protect the interests of the customer.

Reasons for complaints

However, most of the time complaints arise due to

  • Attitudinal aspects
  • The gap in standards of services expected and the standard of actual service rendered.

Registering the complaint online

If you as a customer feel that you are not able to get your problem sorted out in spite of repeated visits to the bank, you can go ahead and file your complaint online.

  • Visit the official website of the bank
  • Fill in customer ID and account number.
  • Proceed to file the complaint.

Your complaint will then be taken up by the redressal  team headed by the chief grievance officer

2 thoughts on “United Bank of India (UTBI) Online Complaint – How To Do?

  1. Sir,
    This is to informing you that the following transaction occurred on 05.07.2019 on line from my SB A/C. and not received any message ( SMS ) or phone call. This transaction done by some fraud person. Help me please to find the fraud and mail me the IP Address of the machine which has been used by the fraud and it will be vey helpful to me to locate.

    Account Number : 1840010043661
    Transaction Date : 05/07/2019
    Transaction Amount : (INR)499.00
    Transaction Type : DR
    Transaction Description : PRCR/000000317924/0507190342
    Priyadarshi Ghosal

    1. Hi,
      We are not affiliated with any Bank.
      We are an online resource about Banks in India.
      Please contact your Bank directly or better go to your Bank Branch to settle the issue.


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