How to Block / Unblock Axis Bank Debit Card

Axis Bank is one of the most reliable private banks in India. The bank has various services which can help the people in banking with Axis Bank. The bank offers Net Banking, UPI, Phone Banking, Mobile Banking and even SMS Banking for its customer. Many of the Axis Bank branches now also have the cash deposit machines which enables the people to deposit the cash without filling the form for tellers.

Withdrawing cash had also been quite easy for people and they can use ATM to withdraw cash or they can use the debit card directly to shop, however, there are times when people end up losing their ATM card here is how you can block your card if you lost yours as well.

Block / Unblock Axis Bank Debit Car via Online Process

Follow the steps listed below to block the Axis Bank Debit Card via Online Process


  • Click on Accounts and select My Debit Card from the drop-down list. You will be redirected to a new page.
  • Select the card that you wish to block and click on Block Card Button.
  • Enter the Reason to Block and Click on Proceed. Validate the request using the OTP to block the card.

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Block / Unblock Axis Bank Debit Car via Mobile App

Follow the steps listed below to block the Axis Bank Debit Card via Mobile App

  • If you have the mobile banking app installed then open the app and enter the login pin.
  • Click on the menu option from the top right corner and then select Services & Support from the menu.
  • From the list of options, select Debit Card: Block & Replace.
  • On the screen displayed, verify the Debit Card number that you would like to block and click on Block & Replace. Charges will be displayed.
  • Enter your Authentication PIN again to block the card.

Block / Unblock Card via Phone Banking

To block the card using the Phone Banking, you need to call the dedicated helpline of Axis Bank which can be used to block the Card. The contact numbers for Axis Bank is 1860 419 5555 & 1860 500 5555. You can call any of these numbers and request the agent to block the card. The agent will hotlist the card after verification of the details.

Block / Unblock Card via  Offline Process

To block the card using an offline process, you can visit the branch and obtain a form from the customer service executive. Submit the form and request the executive to block the card immediately. They will help you in ensuring that the card is blocked and it is not misused at all. This can take time so we would suggest you to use any of the online methods to block your card.

These were all the methods to block the ATM Debit Card. Ensure that you hotlist the Debit Card as soon as you notice a loss. This will ensure that you do not lose money because of an unauthorized access. You can request a new card to unblock your debit card or alternatively, you can speak to customer service to unblock your card.

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