Lakshmi Vilas Bank (LVB) Cheque Book Request – How to Apply Online/Offline

Despite the advent of the internet and mobile banking in the country, cheques remain a popular method to disburse and receive payments. Apart from their simplicity of use and reliability, the ease of writing one and better cheque-servicing by banks have ensured that this financial tool doesn’t go out of vogue.

Lakshmi Vilas Bank, as one of the premier baking institutions of the country, is much-sought after for its cheque-clearing facilities.

How to apply for a cheque book offline

Phone banking

  • All account holders are given a cheque book when their accounts are opened, which are meant to last a year. If one runs out of cheques, the bank issues a new cheque book at an extra charge.
  • For the ease of its customers, Lakshmi Vilas Bank allows them to request a new cheque book either through phone banking or by visiting their home branch.
  • To exercise the phone banking option, one can dial the bank’s helpline number 1800 425 2233 and talk to a company executive. The phone banking executive will take down the client’s request, which would then be conveyed to the home branch. The bank in turn would dispatch a new cheque book at the client’s address.

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Visit the bank

  • Alternatively, one can visit the bank branch where they have an account and submit a form to request a new cheque book. The bank officials will always be available in case the person has a query.

How to request a new cheque book online

Internet banking

  • Here too, clients have two options to request a new cheque book, namely, through net banking or via mobile banking.
  • However, one needs to have registered for mobile banking or internet banking to use either of the two services.
  • For requesting a cheque book via net banking, registered users can log in using their username and password on Lakshmi Vilas Bank’s website

Mobile banking

  • In mobile banking, the same service could be availed by downloading the bank’s mobile application on their smartphone. Available 24 x7 and all year round, one can request a new cheque book anytime with a mobile app.

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