SBT Net Banking (State Bank of Travancore) – How To Register

State Bank of Travancore also known as SBT is a public sector bank which has its headquarters in Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala. As you would have understood, the bank has been associated with State Bank of India and it is a subsidiary of the same group.  The bank was set up in 1945 and back then, it was known as Travancore Bank.  Since the bank’s inception, the bank has expanded and the bank has more than 1200 branches as of now along with a network of over 1600 ATMs.

Presently, this network is irrelevant as the bank was merged with State Bank of India on 31 March 2017 so the customers of State Bank of Travancore are now the customers of State Bank of India.  If you had an account with what was earlier known as State Bank of Travancore and if you would like to use the internet banking facilities then you are at the right place because we have listed all the details about the net banking portal of State Bank of Travancore.

How to Activate State Bank of Travancore Net Banking

As mentioned earlier, the bank is now known as State Bank of India so you won’t find any branch of State Bank of Travancore. To activate or register for State Bank of Travancore Net Banking, you need to visit the SBI Website.

  • Visit the SBI Online website and the link to the website is This will take you to the homepage of the website.
  • On the link mentioned above, you will notice an option for New User Registration. Click on this and a new pop-up will be displayed.
  • To move ahead, enter your account number, CIF number, Branch Code, Country, Registered Mobile Number and all other details required.
  • You will be prompted to validate the OTP and the Debit Card details. Enter all the details and you will then be able to set a new password for yourself. This will activate the net banking portal for you.

Steps to Obtain State Bank of Travancore ID and Password

We have listed the process to obtain the net banking ID and password in the section above to we are going to talk about the process to login to the net banking account in this section.

  • You have the customer ID as the Login ID and you have the Password after you registered for the net banking. Now, you need to visit the Online SBI website and you need to click on Login Button.
  • Click on continue to Login button and on the next page, enter your username and password to login to the net banking. The process is the same as that you would have used in SBI Net banking.

How to Change State Bank of Travancore Password /Forgot Password

If you are not able to recall the password for your SBT account then you can reset it easily using the SBI login portal. Below is the process to change the password and recover the password.

  • Forgot Password – Visit the login page of SBI and click on Forgot Login Password. This will take you to a new page. Enter your Username, Account Number, Country, Mobile Number and Date of Birth. Once that is done, move on to the next page and validate the required details to reset the password.
  • Change Password – To change the password, you can visit the dashboard of your account and from the account option, click on Change Password. You will be able to change the profile password as well as Login password from there.

How to Change State Bank of Travancore Pin/ Forgot Pin

It is possible to change the Debit Card PIN online for SBT and the process for the same is listed above.

  • Forgot PIN – If you forgot password then you can reset it online. To do so, you need to login to your account and click on My Account from the menu option of the left side of the page. Click on Manage Account from here and you will be able to sect the debit card for which you would like to change the PIN. Validate the OTP and you will be able to set a new PIN. You can also use a Green Pin to reset the PIN.
  • Change PIN – To change a PIN, you need to visit the ATM or you can follow the same process listed above and the PIN will be changed.

How to Deactivate State Bank of Travancore Net Banking

You can deactivate the net banking in SBT by calling the SBI helpline. The toll-free number for SBI is 1800 425 3800. Once you call on this number, you will be routed to an agent and you will need to validate your details. Validate the identity and request the agent to deactivate your net banking. He will be able to deactivate it immediately for you.

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