How to Stop/Hold SBI Cheque Payment, Revoke Request

We are often caught up in distress while writing a cheque, aren’t we? But it is only humane to make mistakes. One can make mistakes while writing a cheque, a wrong syllable or the wrong spellings, either which way the money could go to someone else’s account. Well, another fact can be that you just changed your mind about the payment. Anything can happen which might jeopardize your decision of writing a cheque in a person’s name. But the thing is, can you undo if you have deposited a cheque in someone else’s name?

While 90% of Banks in the world would say that it’s impossible to stop a cheque transaction which has been deposited, the SBI makes sure that its user is given every facility to secure his money in the respective account. Having said that, the State Bank of India has now introduced a whole new feature of undoing a cheque transaction. While it comes with some obvious terms and conditions applied, the feature is indeed, helpful to one and all of its users.

The reason is simple, a better and much more secured transaction even if it is via cheque, and the user can feel safer. If you are wondering about how to undo a cheque payment, then read below and discover what’s the SBI’s secret to this rarest phenomenon of reversing a cheque payment?

The basic requirement for you to be able to stop a cheque payment is by enabling your internet banking service. The steps to make the request for stopping a cheque transaction are mentioned as follows:

Here are Steps to Stop/Hold SBI Cheque Payment

  • Get your SBI net banking activated if you haven’t already.
  • Now long on to the official website of State bank of India, which is-
  • On the right-hand side, look for the various services and choose the one which says “E-services”
  • This option will further display an array of services out of which you should click on the one which says ‘Stop Cheque Payment’
  • You will be redirected to the webpage for the above-mentioned request.
  • This page will have the entire list of all the SBI accounts you have.
  • Now select the respected account through which the cheque has been released.
  • Make sure you have your chequebook handy because the redirected page is going to ask you for some details.
  • It will ask you to enter the beginning and last numbers on the cheque that is to be canceled.
  • This step will enable you with options such as multiple cheque cancellations or single cheque only.
  • This is useful in cases where you have accidentally lost the entire chequebook or perhaps, a single cheque only.
  • The SBI was not just generous enough to introduce such facility hut also more for those who don’t remember the cheque book numbers.
  • You can simply click on the Cheque Book tool and have a look at the cheque books released to you.
  • Next on, you need to identify the type of cheque in order to activate the facility. The two options are cheque and Normal Cheque.
  • Now comes the part where you are supposed to fill in the reason for filing the cancellation request as above. As you click on the arrow, multiple options will appear for you to choose from. Just click the relatable one and you’re ‘Stop Reason’ step is accomplished.
  • Later on, you will see the submit button, simply click submit and you are done with your job!

Terms and Conditions to Stop/Hold SBI Cheque Payment

Nothing good comes without pre-defined terms and so, the conditions for successful cancellation of your SBI cheque are written below.

  • The service can only be operated between 8 am and 8 pm.
  • In case you are not in this time slot, you need to visit the nearest SBI bank branch to avail the feature in person.
  • The Stop Cheque Request is not free of cost. The charges vary from the choice of the cheque to quantity of it. Anyway, whatever the charge will be, it will be displayed on the computer screen before you press submit. This charge is automatically deducted from your bank account by the SBI.
  • Even after pressing SUIT, there comes another redirected page saying, CONFIRM where you can and should recheck the cheque details in order to be double sure whether or not you have filled in the right details.
  • After confirming, screenshot or just save the message displayed which contains the reference number of your stop request.

How Can You View If Your Stop Request Has Been Activated?

It takes almost a day to stop the transactions that were scheduled through your cheque. But you can view the cancellation again by using the SBI online portal, that is,

  1. First, of, click on the option which says ‘view stop cheques’ which will redirect you to a page showing all the cheques that you have canceled payment of.
  2. Now using the calendar shown on the screen, give in the estimated date of the day when you filed for the cancellation of a cheque.
  3. If you remember the date quickly, you will see all the requests under the same date shown on your screen.
  4. The online site will only show the data of those cheques which have been put to stop using the SBI online web portal.
  5. Any cheques that were stopped via the help of a bank branch will not be shown on the view page. You will have to visit the bank branch for the same.

How to Stop the Cheque Cancellation Request?

In case you have changed your mind again and the cheque, indeed should go on as it was going on, then relax. The SBI online net banking features are a total savior. You can even cancel a cheque cancellation request following below given easy-to-do steps.

  1. Just as you visit the ‘e-services’ again, you can see a service named, ‘Revoke Stop Payment’ click on it and read what is given on the redirected page.
  2. Now select your account number as before and again add the beginning and last digits of the cheque which is supposed to be revoked.
  3. Lastly by adding the instrument type all you need to do is add the Revoke Reason before clicking on submitting!
  4. Now click submit and save the reference number in order to later check whether the request has been processed or not.

Still not able to do this register an online complaint to State Bank of India Here is How to Complain SBI Online


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