Vijaya Bank Net Banking Online – How to Register/Activate?

The tagline for Vijaya Bank is ‘A friend You Can Bank Upon’ and the tagline is surely true to its meaning. The friendly staff couple with reliable services makes Vijaya Bank an ideal partner to bank with. The bank carries a legacy of trust in its name and it was incepted in the year 1931. Since then, the bank has expanded across the country.

Today, the bank has more than 2030 branches across the nation and it also has more than 4000 touch points which enable the customer to avail the services. All this infrastructure is complemented with over 2000 ATM machines which are certainly important for the banking system. Now, the bank has also induced the automatic cash deposit machines which makes it easy for the people to deposit the cash in their account. Similarly, Net Banking is another such service which is making the transactions easy for the people.

In this article, we have listed all the information about the Vijaya Bank Internet Banking System and you can utilize the information to register for the net banking, login to the net banking system and to change the password as well.

How to Register / Activate Vijaya Bank Net Banking

It is mandatory to register for Internet Banking to be able to use the Net Banking Facility. The process to register for net banking for Vijaya Bank is available online and the steps are listed below.

  • Visit the Vijaya bank’s website and click on VNET Banking. Click on Continue to Login Button and you will be redirected to the login page.
  • From the login page, click on New Users? Register Here. This will display a registration form for you.
  • Enter your Debit Card Details, Account Number, PAN Number, Date of Birth, Transaction Details and Captcha Code to continue. Validate the Details and OTP will be shared with you.
  • Now, validate the OTP and you can simply set your login password after this step. With this, you have completed the registration for net banking.

Steps to Obtain Vijaya Bank Net Banking ID and Password

In the section for Registration for Net Banking, we have already listed the procedure to get the user ID and Password. We would not repeat the procedure here and instead, we would share the procedure to log in to the net banking.

  • Once again, navigate to the Vijaya Bank Website and from the Vijaya Bank’s website, go to the net banking portal.
  • On the Login page, enter your Login ID, Password and Captcha Code. You can also select the page where you wish to be redirected to.
  • Click on the submit button and you will be able to login to your internet banking.

How to Change Vijaya Bank Net Banking Password /Forgot Password

If you forgot the password for your internet banking then you can reset the password using the forgot password tool. To reset the password, visit the login page and on the login page, find the button for Forgot Password. Click on the link and you will then be prompted to enter the User ID and Account Number. Validate the Details with OTP that you received on your mobile number and with this, you will be able to reset the password for your Vijaya Bank Internet Banking.

If you have your old password with you and if you just wish to reset the password then you can go ahead and login to the net banking. From the dashboard, go to Personal Profile and find the option for the Changing the Password. Simply follow the instructions to change the password for your net banking account.

How to Change Vijaya Bank Net Banking Pin/ Forgot Pin

If you wish to simply change your PIN then we would recommend you to visit the nearest ATM, swipe your card and change your card. The process is relatively easy. However, the procedure doesn’t work when you forget the Pin for your account. If you forget the PIN then you need to follow the procedure listed below to reset the PIN.

  • Login to your Vijaya Bank Account and navigate to General Services.
  • Find the option for changing the Debit Card PIN.
  • Select the PIN and enter the new PIN for yourself. Once that is done, you can go ahead and validate the request by OTP. The PIN will be changed from immediate effect.

How to Deactivate Vijaya Bank Net Banking

For Vijaya Bank, if you feel that there is a need to deactivate the net banking or if you notice any suspicious activity then you must go ahead and immediately block the Internet Banking facility. In case of any such emergency, please contact 1800 425 4066, 1800 425 9992 or 1800 425 5885. The customer service executive will verify your identity and he will then deactivate your internet banking.

The second option to deactivate the Net Banking is to visit the Vijaya Bank Branch and request the deactivation. The executive will immediately block your internet banking. For any other query, please contact the Customer Care support.

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