How To Block/Unblock City Union Bank (CUB ) ATM Debit Card

Modern Indian is marked by its fascination with plastic money, i.e. debit and credit cards. As the statistics indicate, more and more Indian is opting for debit cards because of factors like convenience, lack of currency and their acceptance across the world. Moreover, the meteoric rise of debit card usage has also led to a large number of cyber crimes like identity theft, fishing, and phishing. In addition, the rise of digital platforms and e-wallets has contributed to such crimes.

In view of the rise in cybercrime in the country, banks are trying their best to restore the faith of their clients through stringent security measures. A premier such facility is to block a debit card if it’s lost, misplaced, damaged or is being swiped by an authorized person. Banks like City Union Bank offer people a myriad of ways to crack down on any such crime. With many options available at their disposal, it becomes easier for people to protect themselves from cyber fraud.

How to Block CUB Debit Card

If one is sure of having lost his or her debit card or misplace it or notices that someone is making an unauthorized transaction with it, it would be better to block the card. City Union Bank allows its clients to block a debit card by following these steps:

a. Via Phone banking

  • For starters, one should dial the bank’s customer care by dialling 044-71225000. This helpline is available for callers from all states.
  • For a state-wise list of helplines, once can visit the following link:
  • The caller is greeted by a phone banker who verifies the identity of the caller by asking for a few details like address, date of birth and account details.
  • After verification, the bank executive confirms whether the caller wants to block the debit card and later processes the request.
  • Once the card is blocked, the caller is told about the entire process of requesting for a new debit card.

b. Via net banking:

  • One also has the option to block a debit card through City Union Bank’s net banking facility at The only thing that one should take care of is they should be registered users of the bank’s internet banking facility.

c. Via mobile banking

  • All users who have registered for City Union Bank’s mobile banking have the option of blocking their debit cards through mobile banking.
  • One can go ahead with this method by downloading the bank’s mobile app and logging in.

How to Unblock CUB Debit Card

A lot of people accidentally block their debit cards by entering their internet passwords wrong after multiple events.

  • In an attempt to curb fraudsters who might try to log into unauthorized bank accounts, the City Union Bank blocks the debit card if the net banking the wrong password is entered repeatedly.
  • To start with, one should log on to the bank’s net banking facility at and then click on the ‘Forgot password’ option.
  • The client would be redirected to another page and further guided about the process to unblock the debit card.


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